Artist Residency: Raskal

May 13, 2019Artist Residency

Last October photographer Crille Rask (Raskal) came to stay with us at Ceylon sliders and shoot a variety of photos for his exhibition which was held in February, along the way our resident photographer Lachlan Dempsey followed Raskal through this journey from start to finish, documenting what he got up to and why he took … Read More

A day down south

February 22, 2019The Surf

Earlier this week a few of the team from Ceylon sliders went down south to shoot and surf in the new locally made Ceylon Sliders boardshorts which can now found in our store. Lucky for us waves were pumping, the conditions were perfect and our resident photographer managed to grab a couple of shots of … Read More

Sharing waves & ice lattes

October 22, 2018The Surf

Rocking up to one of our favourite surf breaks we realized we were set up on a blind date. With no other than Flora Christin. Picturesque paddle outs. Linn gliding down the first wave of the session. Here’s longtime friend Vera Nording making her way up to the nose. Wearing the Seea Lido suit, which … Read More