You can never get enough of coffee, waves and good eats


A café in Weligama


In the courtyard of Ceylon Sliders Weligama lies a small but unique café. We do food which is carefully created with detail, we make fresh juices, smoothies and good coffee. Our menu is influenced by the local ingredients unique to Sri Lanka. The coffee comes from the hills of Sri Lanka, the fruits and veggies are bought locally from the farmers market and prepared fresh every day depending on what the season brings.

OPEN EVERY DAY 7:30 am - 3 pm

7:30am-3pm is the time for Ceylon Sliders all day breakfast where we serve up dishes such as our bespoke avocado toast, corn fritters, a selection of the freshest smoothie bowls, the vegan chickpea scramble, mind-blowing salmon&feta scramble and more. 12-3pm we add our lunch menu with different kind of burgers, do you fancy the BBB (best beef burger), the vagan rainbow bowl or our best seller, the falafel bowl? Cakes, speciality coffee, smoothies and juices is available all day.

Our food philosophy

We believe in food that is cooked with natural ingredients such as whole grains, nuts, seeds, good fats, vegetables, fish and fruits. We are not a raw food kitchen, not a vegan kitchen and we don’t follow any strict dietary cooking philosophies nor do we want to claim that we are a gourmet restaurant, we just want to cook good food with quality produce and a sense of detail. We don’t have meat on our menu as we have not found any fair producers yet, but the seafood on Sri Lanka is absolutely amazing and so is all the fruits and vegetables available. The range of fruit, veggies, greens, seafood and other products we use are very unique for Sri Lanka and set the style to our menu.


We mix various styles of cooking to make interesting meals, we use vegan and raw food methods as well as we mix western, middle eastern, asian, Sri Lankan and Scandinavian cooking techniques and let the creativity and the ingredients available set the menu. We source ingredients daily and as locally and as naturally as we can to reduce our footprint on the environment, the use of plastic and the food waste. We buy most of our ingredients from the farmers market or from the fish market on a daily basis by weight and not in plastic containers.

We make fresh juices, we do smoothies, we brew ceylon kombucha, we serve the finest ceylon tea and least but not last, we make coffee. We believe that with good coffee you can change the world.

Coffee is always a good idea

Somewhere in central highlands of Sri Lanka, there is great coffee being produced by a spirited hand, a believer in Sri Lankan coffee. That’s where the journey starts, with that man or woman and their intentions. Prior to the takeover of the tea estates, the soil and the climate in the Sri Lankan hill country were used to pay homage to one of the biggest coffee plantages in the world. That was before it was all replaced by the tea estates. Today there are believers that are trying to bring back the unique Amma variety arabica coffee to the same hills. The soil, the weather in the hill country, and the farmers hard work creates a complexity, an aroma that later will be extracted through a coffee machine and served in a cup. The journey is what makes it all. How one thing is done will change the whole. We are the tiny café tucked away believing in the re-establishment of Sri Lankan coffee. We are not making it, we are simply doing our best at preparing it and serving it. This is speciality coffee from Sri Lanka, and we are enjoying the journey with every sip.

Yoga & Breakfast


Sometimes we do these yoga & breakfast events, start off the day with a yoga class in the sunrise and come down to a table full of amazing food, specially prepared for a group of up to 14 guests by our head chef.

Fresh blended juices and smoothies made with love and made from the finest, freshest ingredients around. Each one has been carefully created for maximum health benefits and taste.