Stylish two bedroom beach house

The Weli House

The Weli house features two airconditioned bedrooms with queen size beds and a shared bath with a rain shower, the stylish living room opens up to a big veranda where you can relax after a day at the beach. Located just 50m from Sri Lankas biggest surfing beach it’s the perfect abode for a couple of surfers or a small family. Ceylon Sliders, our hotel is located a 3-minute walk down the road where you conveniently can enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner or why not make use of the fully equipped kitchen to cook up a feast of your own.

Weli - වැලි

The house flows in earthy sandy tones, resambling the beach just out front, hence the name Weli – වැලි – which is the sinhala word for sand. With built in furniture and an open planned kitchen it’s an humble abode to relax and unwind at. A few sky lights has been installed to further enrich the space with natural lighting. The two bedrooms are not huge altough well designed and modern with aircondition and built-in wardrobes. The house has a shared bath, sizable with a rain shower, hot water, and a big skylight creates an indoor/outdoor feeling yet fully private. The kitchen has all the amenities such as a gas cooker, fridge, and a kitchen island connecting it to the living room which further opens up to the veranda with big glass doors. The garden is fenced and there is a nice lawn, perfect for kids to play and enjoy the afternoons. The land is located beach front however the house is tucked away at the back of it, you have a peak of the ocean through the palm trees. A mere 50 minute walk will take you down to the beach were you can both swim and surf.

Weli House facts

  • Located 50m from the beach and 250m from Ceylon Sliders
  • 750 sq. ft. (70 sqm.)
  • 2 bedrooms with Double queen size beds w. high-end spring mattress
  • Private garden with parking area
  • Air-conditioning in the bedrooms
  • Free WiFi
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • 1 Bathroom with rain shower
  • Fully equipeed kitchen with gas stove, fridge, kettle

From 199 USD

For the family, or a bunch of friends looking for privacy right at the beach

Family Friendly

The house is perfect for families or a couple of friends. Ceylon Sliders is located a 250m walk down the main road where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We can also organize private or group surf classes on a daily basis as well as surfboard rentals if you already have your wave skills dialed in.

In the middle of Sri Lankas 'surfers paradise'

In the middle of Sri Lankas 'surfers paradise'

Weligama is conveniently located in the midst of Sri Lanka’s ‘surfers paradise’ with more than 20 surf spots in the surrounding beaches, with Weligama being the biggest beach in southern Sri Lanka with the best beginner waves. There is an abundance of cafés, bars, and restaurants in the area to explore when you are don’t enjoying the beach. Getting around Weligama is easy by foot along the beach promenade or by tuk-tuk or bus if you’re going to venture further away.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between Ceylon Sliders and a classic surf camp? A surf camp normally sells packages of one week or more and is focused solely on surfing. At Ceylon Sliders, we offer surf lessons for beginners and surf guiding for the advanced. If you just want a couple of lessons it’s a great option for a beginner. If you you’re an intermediate surfer and don’t want surf coaching but only guiding it’s also a great option. However, if you want to make the most of your surfing and develop your skills we recommend Sunshinestories Surf Camp and Yoga Retreat as they teach in a totally different way.

Are you located beachfront? Yes! We want to claim that as we are as close to the sea as you possibly can on this stretch in Weligama and we call that beachfront. However the Galle road is between us and the beach so we are not “on the beach”, unfortunately, the case in many locations on the south coast as they constructed the road very close to the ocean. That said, we have panoramic ocean views, a beach out front (on the other side of the road) there’s nothing blocking the view from our suites and the Indian ocean.

Can we check out later? Sometimes that’s possible. Please ask when you are on location.

When is the best time to visit? Any time! Sri Lanka has seasons but the weather is almost always good and the surf in front of our hotel is good year-round, you can surf 365 days a year.

Can we bring the kids? Due to the outlay of our hotel, we can unfortunately not accept children under 12.

What about cancellation, or your terms & conditions? At the moment we offer flexible cancellation terms, please read in full in our Covid-19 Policy.