Rent a Surfboard in Sri Lanka

Save money on airline fees and the hassle of bringing a surfboard, rent a surfboard from us and leave your own surfboard at home.

Our Quiver

Together with a shaper in Bali – we have developed our own line of hand shaped longboards, fishes and midlengths that we have brought to Sri Lanka. The surfboards are made with our supervision of the best quality blanks, fibreglass and resin at international standards. Our team riders at Ceylon Sliders are putting these boards to test on a daily basis in the Sri Lankan waves.

We also rent beginner surfboards – soft tops as well as hard tops, that are perfect for those wanting to learn how to surf.

Hand shaped Ceylon Sliders boards

Single fin longboards in 9'2-9'8, twin fin fishes from 5'0-5'8, midlengths from 6-8ft

1-7 days 18 USD per day (24hrs)
8-14 days 17 USD per day
15-21 days 16 USD per day
22-30 days 14 USD per day
30+ days 12 USD per day

Beginner boards

(NSP 6-9ft & Soft Boards 6-9ft)

1-7 days 12 USD per day (24hrs)
8-14 days 11 USD per day
15+ days 10 USD per day