We are having an amazing season here in Weligama with more guests than ever finding their way to our little backyard and rooftop. Our team has been working tirelessly and we’re so proud of everyone. We also have a lot of new team members that have never tried surfing before and being a company where surfing is our backbone we thought it was time to go on a surf session together.

Our amazing surf coaches over at our sister surf & yoga retreat Sunshinestories came and did a surf lesson with everyone. It was such a great morning and we are happy that our photographers Lachlan Dempsey and Piers Woodford caught the morning in film and photos.

We closed the shop and the café for the morning and walked down to the beach.

Thilini, Nimashi and Uncle were stoked to get in the water!

First we practiced pop-ups on the beach and then we went out to body surf and get used to the water.

Then we were ready to bring out the boards.

Who knew that our fantastic accountant Nisanka was a natural when it came to surfing?

Samanthi said we should surf every month and we agree!

Thilini was really keen on trying out surfing, she said it has been a dream of hers since before she joined Ceylon Sliders.

Even Occy the dog wanted to give surfing a go!


Mitch gave him some advice on how to practice his turns..

Uncle was feeling it!

What an epic team we have, big thanks to everyone for giving 100% to make Ceylon Sliders to what it is.

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