Sam Glazebrook at Ceylon SlidersSamuel Glazebrook and Liz Tregaskis are two unique, creative souls who hail from Cornwall in the UK. They joined us for a month to produce some wonderful content and experience life within the Ceylon Sliders community. Sam captured our Breakfast with Bélen and Moonlight Yoga Night beautifully, and you’ll see more of his work on the blog over the coming weeks.

Name: Sam Glazebrook

From: Cornwall, UK

Role at Ceylon Sliders: Videographer

Words to live by: Live for others

Tell us about your background. How did you end up as a Videographer?

I fell in love with photography at around 15, and never looked back. I did a degree in documentary photography, then started making short films about people who inspired me or who I found interesting and it just kind of grew from there really. I still love photography and wish I was doing more.



Where do you draw inspiration from? Are there any particular artists who influence your work?

I draw inspiration from people, and stories. I love narrative. I take inspiration from people close to me (I’m very blessed to have amazing and creative friends across the world), and people who are doing what I wish I could be doing! Some of my major visual influences/people I look up to include Steve McCurry, Jason Baffa, and Jake Stangel. Also my two friends Benjamin Rutherford and Josh Cunliffe are key players in encouraging me and keeping me making.


What’s the most memorable shoot to date?

Maybe filming with Tom Curren, he’s an inspiring man being 50 years young, such a major player in the surfing world influencing countless people, but still maintaining such humility and stoke for his pursuits.


How would you describe your style?

I find if hard to define myself. I try not to take my self too seriously, as a result some of my work has a little sense of humour to it I suppose, but I love to tell stories – some of which are serious, some are fun, so I try and work appropriately to the situation and take every job as a fresh challenge.


What have you enjoyed most about Sri Lanka?

The people are amazing. Sri Lankan culture is so welcoming – I like smiling at people, and here people always smile back! The mountains inland are stunning. And it’s also just pretty dreamy to escape winter for a while and enjoy the sun.


What does being part of Ceylon Sliders mean to you?

Being part of a community of fun, creative people. I’ve met a lot of really great folk here, and made some real friends. Early mornings doing Yoga or surfing, working on fun projects and eating a lot of food.

Photos by Matt Power

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