When we first opened Ceylon Sliders, our vision was to make a hub where people from all over the world could come together, eat great food, share stories, practise yoga, and be inspired by one another as well as the unique landscape around us. So when a bunch of beautiful, creative babes from Hawaii agreed to pay us a visit, we were more than stoked.


This week we’ve welcomed Bree Poort, an artist who takes her inspiration from drone footage of the Hawaiian coastline, and now the reefs of southern Sri Lanka. Bree interprets what she captures by pouring resin and bright blue acrylic paint onto large pieces of wood, forming water like patterns and textures. Bree also works alongside her friend and business partner Roxy Facer, and together they run the content agency Rubias Collective, producing video edits for other businesses from all corners of the globe. You’ll see more of their work on the blog and our social media channels over the coming weeks.

Yoga and Breakfast Hawaii styleYoga and Breakfast Hawaii style

We’ve also welcomed talented photographer and designer Brooke Dombroski and bikini extraordinaire Melissa Jasniy who make up half of the Roam Hawaii team. You may have seen their gorgeous images of hand sewn goodies, Hawaii’s breathtaking beaches and an old milk truck painted like a tiger on Instagram. When not working on a Roam Hawaii project, Melissa is also busy with her successful swimwear label Issa De Mar, which will soon be available to purchase from within the Ceylon Sliders shop.

Yoga and Breakfast Hawaii styleYoga and Breakfast Hawaii style

Last but not least, model and lady slider Malia Murphey has also been staying with us, testing out the yoga roof top terrace, surfing at our local reefs and inspiring our in-house photographer Filipe. Malia works with a variety of clients as she globe trots around the world, but also calls the North Shore home.

Yoga and Breakfast Hawaii styleYoga and Breakfast Hawaii style

To celebrate having a group of such talented ladies staying with us, we decided to host another Yoga & Breakfast morning. As always, it started on our roof top, with our in-house Yoga teacher Rachel Ellis guiding an invigorating hour of vinyasa flow as the sun rose over Taprobane Island. Once the group were warmed up and stretched out, it was down to the courtyard for a healthy feast (almost too pretty to eat), prepared by our chef Diana.

Yoga and Breakfast Hawaii style

Diana created a variety of treats, including raw donuts, beetroot smoothie bowls, pineapple juice shots, vegetable topped flatbreads, as well as platters of tropical fruit. Need we say more?

Yoga and Breakfast Hawaii styleYoga and Breakfast Hawaii style

Our Yoga & Breakfast events have been such a pleasure to host, we’re hoping to hold them more frequently. Each are limited to 12 spaces, so be sure to keep an eye out on social media for the next one and how to book your spot. See you on the mat.

Yoga and Breakfast Hawaii styleYoga and Breakfast Hawaii style

Photos by Ceylon Sliders lens master Filipe.

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