Coffee, Vinyasa & Breakfast at Ceylon Sliders

December 30, 2016The Yoga

The café will be opening shortly within the new year, please stay tuned on social media to find out when. We can’t wait to welcome you all. In the mean time we would like to invite you to another Coffee, vinyasa and breakfast event, on January 3rd. Join us for a shot of espresso 6:15 am … Read More

The People: Nik Robson

December 23, 2016The People
Name: Nik Robson Age: 27 From: Auckland, New Zealand Role at Ceylon Sliders: Yoga Teacher Words to live by: Stay open, even when it's hard     Why did you decide to travel to Sri Lanka? It sounds funny to say but I don't feel like I chose Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka chose me. My first job [...]

The Story Behind Our Name

December 14, 2016The Café, The Shop
There is a Swedish saying that goes: "Kärt barn har många namn" - which translates to "A dear child has many names" or less freaky: "We find many names for those we love." Sri Lanka has truly been loved by many. "The name Ceylon has a history going back to antiquity. Deriving from the Old-Tamil [...]