Artist Residency: Raskal

May 13, 2019Artist Residency

Last October photographer Crille Rask (Raskal) came to stay with us at Ceylon sliders and shoot a variety of photos for his exhibition which was held in February, along the way our resident photographer Lachlan Dempsey followed Raskal through this journey from start to finish, documenting what he got up to and why he took … Read More

An Artist Residency Renaissance with Nina Brooke

March 7, 2018Artist Residency

Art. Surf. Collaboration. Residency. Community. These are just some of the words that embody our Artist Residency Program at Ceylon Sliders. The idea of an artist residency is an old tradition of having an artist come stay in a place of residence, to create pieces inspired by their surroundings. We’re bringing a revival to this idea, with … Read More

Artist Residency: Nina Brooke’s Exhibition

November 28, 2017Artist Residency

On a balmy Tuesday night last week, we had the lovely opportunity in hosting Nina Brooke as our featured artist-in-residence. Always a dream of ours, we’re constantly building on this idea to create a community that fosters the inspiration and creativity to produce one-of-a-kind artwork by artists around the globe. In November, UK-based artist Nina Brooke was just … Read More

Artist Residency Program Sneak Peak: Nina Brooke

November 16, 2017Artist Residency

An artist, a surfer, a true woman of the sea, Nina Brooke has joined our artist residency program at Ceylon Sliders. We’re excited to have this artist based from Cornwall, UK here to use our backdrop to inspire her work during her stay. We’re on a mission to bring together a collective of creatives, in … Read More

Art Exhibition with Bree Port

April 22, 2017Artist Residency

We had the pleasure of hosting a group of creatives, designers, surfers, artist all the way from Hawaii a few weeks ago. One of them was Bree Port, an artist hailing from California that captures the essence of the sea in her resin paintings. It was really cool to see some of her paintings come to … Read More