On Thursday we welcomed the first full moon of 2017 with a magical yin yoga class on our rooftop terrace overlooking Weligama bay. This particular moon cycle set the path for our journeys over the next 12 months and supposedly carried high energy levels, which was heightened by the buzzing atmosphere as everyone arrived. Our in-house Yoga teacher Nik Robson greeted everyone and introduced soulful musician Ditty who was the live soundtrack for the evening. Nik demonstrated and explained what each position was for, whilst Ditty performed tracks from her new EP ‘Trying To Stay Afloat’ in between. The duo set a relaxed rhythm allowing guests to absorb the ambiance and watch the bright moonlight from above. Nik lead us through a series of very long poses which were perfect for deep stretching and settling our restless energy. Needlessness to say everyone left Ceylon Sliders feeling tranquil and completely Yin-ed out. A big thank you to everyone who came and joined in the class, as well as Nik and Ditty for making it such a special evening.

Short film by the talented Samuel Glazebrook, Ceylon Sliders in-house videographer.

Yin yoga night and Ceylon Sliders Yin yoga night and Ceylon Sliders Yin yoga night and Ceylon SlidersYoga Yin night and Ceylon Sliders  Yin yoga night and Ceylon Sliders

“What a surreal experience it was gathering under the full moon to practice yin yoga set to live music. I had a few moments where I stopped and thought, wow… Look at where we are, look at what we are doing, how magical is life right now?… There was an electric atmosphere in the air and a sense of excitement to enter the unknown. Ditty and I have such a natural connection it was so fun to create with her. This night was really special and we are both proud of what we created with the ‘How to Stay Afloat’ Tour of Sri Lanka. We gathered in ceremony for the full moon, symbolic of the yin side. The side of: Introspection, darkness, feminine, stillness, listening, empathy, relaxation, reflection, letting go. This is medicine for the modern world and when I share it I feel like I’m living my purpose. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who was a part of it. Take this yin energy with you and pass it on.” – Nik Robson

Yoga Yin night and Ceylon SlidersYoga Yin night and Ceylon Sliders Yoga Yin night and Ceylon SlidersCeylon Sliders Yin Yoga NightA huge thank you to Levina from Electrify Magazine who was on hand to capture the incredible evening. Follow her story and the magazine to see more of her stay at Ceylon Sliders. 

For more information on Nik’s classes and retreats you can keep up to date here, and you can listen to more of Ditty’s beautiful music on her SoundCloud channel. Be sure to stay tuned via social media for more upcoming events at Ceylon Sliders.

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