The People: Liz Tregaskis

February 24, 2017The People

Liz recently joined the Ceylon Sliders community for a month as our Illustrator. She is the creative behind our branding and we wouldn’t be who we are without her. You’ll see Liz’s designs across the website, social media, around the cafe and even on clothing and bags within our shop. Name: Liz Tregaskis From: Cornwall, UK Role at Ceylon … Read More

The People: Samuel Glazebrook

February 19, 2017The People

Samuel Glazebrook and Liz Tregaskis are two unique, creative souls who hail from Cornwall in the UK. They joined us for a month to produce some wonderful content and experience life within the Ceylon Sliders community. Sam captured our Breakfast with Bélen and Moonlight Yoga Night beautifully, and you’ll see more of his work on … Read More

The People: Karson Lewis

February 3, 2017The People

Name: Karson Lewis Age: 21 From: USA Role at Ceylon Sliders: Barista and Surf Guide Favourite surf break: Hiriketiya or The Island opposite Ceylon Sliders Describe yourself in three words: Energetic, adventurous, pissu (crazy in Sri Lankan) What’s your surfing background? I caught my first wave when I was 6 years old. I kept trying to stand … Read More

The People: Thili Mauranga

January 4, 2017The People

Name: Thilli Age: 26 Role at Ceylon Sliders: Cafe Manager From: Rathagama, Sri Lanka Favourite surf break: Rams on the south coast Describe yourself in three words: Easy going, sociable, friendly.               What’s your surfing background? I started surfing when I was about 12 years old. My cousins taught … Read More

The People: Nik Robson

December 23, 2016The People
Name: Nik Robson Age: 27 From: Auckland, New Zealand Role at Ceylon Sliders: Yoga Teacher Words to live by: Stay open, even when it's hard     Why did you decide to travel to Sri Lanka? It sounds funny to say but I don't feel like I chose Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka chose me. My first job [...]